Palio Races of 2023: Who’s Running

July 2, 2023 Palio of Provenzano: Who will Run?

The following ten contrade will compete in the July, 2023 Palio, in the order in which they were extracted (drawn):

  • Aquila (Eagle) – carried over from 2022
  • Giraffa (Giraffe) – carried over from 2022
  • Selva (Forest) – carried over from 2022
  • Onda (Wave) – carried over from 2022
  • Nicchio (Shell) – carried over from 2022
  • Tartuca (Turtle) – carried over from 2022
  • Istrice (Porcupine) (#1 extracted)
  • Drago (Dragon) (#2 extracted)
  • Torre (Tower) (#3 extracted)
  • Chiocciola (Snail) (#4 extracted)

NOTES: Usually seven contrade that did not run the previous year are carried over and automatically guaranteed to run in this Palio. However, due to two disqualified contrade (Goose, Owl), four contrade were extracted (drawn) at the recent extraction event on May 21, 2023. This final set of ten contenders is intriguing, in that only one official rival pair is running (Snail/Turtle). We might say that the Wave/Tower pair is “unofficial,” since the Tower’s official rival is the Goose. When there are numerous rival pairs running, they typically wish to disrupt each other during the race and thus prevent one another from winning (though not always). The Forest has benefitted from this in the past — one of a few contrade without a rival — though this time the field is more leveled with few rival pairs running.

How the Ten Contrade and horses are chosen to run: please see this post for more background on the Extraction (lottery) process for the contrade, and this post for how the final ten horses are selected.

Rival Pairs in the Race: Turtle/Snail

Disqualified from this Palio: Goose, Owl

Not extracted, guaranteed to run next July, 2024: Ram, Panther, Caterpillar, Unicorn, She-Wolf, Owl, Goose

WINNER: (To Be Determined!)


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