Members of the Wave (Onda) contrada march in front of Palazzo Pubblico (City Hall) for their patron saint celebration.

Benvenuto (Welcome)! Launched in June, 2019, this site provides an ongoing collection of practical resources for your visit to Siena, Italy, whether you plan on staying for hours, days, or longer. As a professor who has taught and lived here every summer since 2013, I actually rely on many of these resources regularly. In the spirit of education, I hope they will provide you with a starting place to better inform your own travels. Also, all photos/images within my pages here are my own, unless otherwise noted.


Like all cumulative web sites, I plan to add more material over time. The links on the home page and menu provide direct access to various external sources, whether in English, Italian, or both. Please use the information and perspectives presented herein in combination with other travel resources as desired. While always trying to remain as accurate as possible, my information is necessarily limited beyond a certain point. Like any source of guidance, your own experience might be different from what you read here. I will do my best to update information as it changes with time.

I invite you to see my latest book, Living the Palio: A Story of Community and Public Life in Siena, Italy (2020, 3rd edition). Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and numerous global online retailers.

I am excited to announce the release of my second book about Siena, titled Unbridled Spirit: The Untold Story of the 2018 Extraordinary Palio in Siena, Italy (March 2020), now available on leading online retail sites worldwide, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thank you for visiting my virtual guide about Siena, and buon viaggio a tutti! Grazie e saluti!