Siena’s Local, Intercity Bus System

(Updated Sept. 21, 2021 for changes to the Siena Mobilita web site.) For those in Siena without a car, the local bus system provides reliable and frequent transportation for neighborhoods both inside and outside the city walls. Since transit systems are largely designed for locals, however, they can confuse even more experienced travelers. This post … Continue reading Siena’s Local, Intercity Bus System

Regional buses to and from Siena: TOM’S TIPS

For visitors based in or near Siena, Tuscany's regional bus service (called Tiemme) provides an easy, car-free alternative. It is not intuitive to visitors, however. With this post I share my own tips and experience to help you navigate their system. BUS TIMETABLE WEB SITE (Tiemme web site) First, use the Tiemme web site … Continue reading Regional buses to and from Siena: TOM’S TIPS